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Well, hello there.

Erika Pfluke is a wife, mother, artist, and most recently, the owner of ArtFull, a vacation rental in Athens, GA.  On a constant pursuit of a creativity in life, she feels the best days are days when she sets her eyes, or even better her hands, on something lovely.   


As an artist, Erika enjoys painting birds, pets, florals and otherwise happy art.  She seeks to capture the beauty she sees around her and to share that with others in an uplifting way.   

Erika believes that God is the ultimate artist and enjoys the process of capturing the intricacies of His creation with paint and brush.  Every flower, every animal, even colors themselves, were all His idea.  How fun it is play with the beauty that He so masterfully created.


Erika offers commissions on a case-by-case basis.  

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